USD rate today March 10: Falling sharply, Russia announced to suspend foreign exchange transactions

The greenback's downtrend was extended in this morning's session.

On the morning of March 10, according to Vietnam time, on the international market, the USD index reached 98.001, down 1,081 points, equivalent to a loss of 1.09%.

The USD exchange rate suddenly turned down sharply in the context of continuing political tensions and Russia's order to suspend foreign exchange transactions.

Russia's central bank announced on March 9 that the country would suspend foreign exchange transactions until September 9, in the context that Moscow is facing major economic sanctions from the West related to the war. Russian special military service in Ukraine.

The notice said that from March 9 to September 9, banks in Russia will not be allowed to sell foreign currency to citizens, however, Russians can still change from foreign currency to rubles of the local currency within the same period. stage.

In addition, cash withdrawals from foreign accounts at Russian banks will be limited to $10,000 until September 9.

On March 9, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) announced the central exchange rate at 23,172 VND/USD, an increase of 1 VND compared to the listed level yesterday.

The reference selling rate at the SBV's Exchange is 22,550 - 23,050 VND/USD.

The buying price for USD at banks is currently in the range of 22,680 - 22,740 VND/USD, while the selling price is at 22,940 - 23,100 VND/USD.

On the "black market", the USD is traded at 23,430 - 23,480 VND/USD.

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