USD exchange rate today March 13: The USD conquers the 99 mark, continuing the previous week's rally

 The USD ended the week with a gain of 0.63%. Overall, in the past week, the greenback had a slight weakness but quickly regained the momentum of the previous week, at 0.48%.

Last week, the financial market in general and the currency market in particular continued to be strongly affected by the tension between Russia and Ukraine, leading to a price explosion for some commodities, especially. is the oil price with the highest increase in 14 years. This has become a good support factor for the greenback - a safe-haven asset at the moment.

In addition, data on the US consumer price index - a measure of inflation published on March 10 increased by 7.9% - the largest annual increase in 40 years. This situation is expected to continue to escalate in the coming months as Russia's special military operation in Ukraine increases the cost of crude oil and other commodities.

Against this backdrop, the greenback was also supported by expectations that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) will start raising interest rates at the end of its policy meeting on March 15 and 16, aimed at addressing inflation. American inflation is heating up.

Meanwhile, the euro has experienced an erratic week of trading with a dominant bearish bias. Russia's special military operation in Ukraine continues to have a negative impact on the single currency. Last week, the euro hit a nearly two-year low on March 7. However, it soon recovered slightly when it was reported that the European Central Bank would phase out economic stimulus measures gradually, opening the door to raising interest rates before the end of 2022.

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