Terra hits new ATH, top 5 altcoin gainers of the week

Experts said that the regulator needs to step in to stabilize the market, make the world gold price close to the domestic gold price as well as make the buying and selling price gap closer together.

Let's take a look at the five cryptocurrencies with the biggest weekly gains, from March 4.

The most bullish tokens of the week are:

Waves (WAVES) : 37.99%

Zcash (ZEC) : 25.27%

Stacks (STX) : 22.94%

Terra (LUNA) : 7.21%

Dash (DASH) : 7.05%

WAVES has been declining along with a descending resistance line since hitting an all-time high of $41.86 on May 4. The downtrend has led to a low of $7.56 on January 24. .

WAVES started a rapid uptrend on February 22 and broke above the descending resistance line on March 9.

Over a 16-day period, it increased by 284%. It is currently in the process of confirming this line as support.

Zcash (ZEC) has been on the rise since January 25.

Initially, the upward movement is contained inside an ascending parallel channel. However, ZEC broke through on March 8 and confirmed the channel as support three days later (green icon).

The nearest resistance is at $167.50. This is both a horizontal zone and a Fib resistance area.

Until ZEC breaks above this zone, the trend cannot be considered bullish.

Stacks (STX) has been falling along with a descending resistance line since Jan. 1. The line has been confirmed four times so far, most recently on March 10 (red icon).

The rejection created a long upper wick, which is considered a sign of selling pressure. Furthermore, it serves to confirm the $1.85 zone as resistance.

STX has been looking for support ever since.

Terra (LUNA) has been on the rise since January 31. The momentum accelerated on February 20 and LUNA hit a new all-time high of $104.76 on March 9.

However, it has declined since then and is currently attempting to confirm the $94 area as support.

A breakdown below this level could accelerate the decline, which will at least lead to a low of $81. This is the 0.382 Fibonacci retracement support.

On January 24 and February 24, DASH created a double bottom, which represents a bullish pattern.

Furthermore, both bottoms are combined with the long wick below (green symbol), which is considered a sign of buying pressure.

However, DASH is still trading below the $117 resistance area. This area had previously acted as support since June and turned into resistance after DASH broke on Jan. 21 (red circle).

Until this zone is recovered, the trend cannot be considered bullish.

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