Receiving good news from Russia-Ukraine negotiations, Dow Jones futures increase 400 points

 European stocks and US stock futures rallied strongly on March 11 after news that the armistice negotiations between Russia and Ukraine had made certain progress.

Reuters quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying that the negotiations had made some "definite positive changes".

The above information pushed the stock markets up sharply. As of 6:50 p.m. on March 11 (Vietnam time), Dow Jones futures were up 440 points, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 were up more than 1.5%.

On the European market, indexes also bounced strongly, with DAX up 3.35%, FTSE MIB up 2.84%, CAC up 2.35% and Stoxx 600 up 2.13%.

The above positive developments still occur despite the steep climb in energy prices. WTI oil futures rose 2.5% to $108.66 a barrel, while Brent crude futures rose 2.5% to $112.08 a barrel.

Tensions over the situation in Ukraine continue to escalate, with US President Joe Biden reportedly calling for an end to Russia's "most favored nation" status, according to Bloomberg. At the same time, the US Congress also passed a funding bill, which includes $ 14 billion to support Ukraine.

In the previous day, investors received a worse-than-expected inflation report. Specifically, US CPI increased by 7.9% in February 2022, stronger than forecast and the highest level since January 1982. US CPI increased by 0.8% month-on-month.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen forecasts inflation will continue to be high in 2022.

Investors are also assessing the move to withdraw stimulus measures earlier than forecast by the European Central Bank (ECB). The ECB said it would end its bond-buying program in the third quarter of this year if economic data allows it.

The ECB made the decision before the US Federal Reserve (Fed) is expected to meet next week with a forecast of raising interest rates.

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