Bitcoin price on March 10: Continuing the strong increase, Ukraine uses cryptocurrency aid

Bitcoin price today (March 10) continued to increase compared to yesterday, covering the whole floor in green, Bitcoin is currently priced at nearly $41,000.

Bitcoin price today, March 10, recorded at 9:00 a.m., increased sharply to 40,830.17, up 4.25% compared to yesterday. 

The 2nd largest coin, Ethereum, is up 1.94% from 24 hours ago, to $2,660.09.

Tether recorded at 1.00 USD.

BNB is up slightly 0.17% over the past 24 hours, to $386.63.

USD Coin increased 0.01%, reaching 1.00 USD.

Ripple surged 3.84%, priced at $0.7552.

Terra increased sharply by 7.24% compared to 24 hours ago, to $ 96.61.

Cardano hovers around $0.8248, up 2.11%.

Solana surged 2.66% over the past 24 hours, to $85.94.

Avalanche is up 1.33% on the day, reaching $75.88.

The total cryptocurrency market value recorded at 9:06 am at 1,730.85 billion USD, up 25.27 billion USD compared to 24 hours ago.

Ukrainian government uses crypto aid to arm essential supplies

The Ukrainian government is buying vital supplies, including gas, food, and military equipment, using cryptocurrency donated during the country's conflict with Russia. About 10 million USD has been spent so far.

Donations are being distributed from government digital wallets, set up by Kyiv-based crypto exchange Kuna, to other digital wallets before being spent.

About 6.5 million USD of ethereum has now been transferred from the government crypto wallet to the exchange.

We are evacuating people so we need to send money to buy gas, buy food and water for the people who are evacuating. We are sending some money to local military personnel who can. buy some supplies locally, Kuna founder Michael Chobanian told CoinDesk The government is also buying drones, heat shields, and gasoline.

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